Helping business travellers save money on expensive, flexible flight tickets.

Problem: expensive flexible airfares

Air fares are growing and resulting in higher costs for business travellers.

Flexible tickets are expensive. A flexible economy ticket from Sydney to Melbourne is >300% more expensive than a fixed fare on the same plane. Given that last-minute flights can be bought at a fraction of flexible tickets, this pricing is exploitative.

Qantas flexible pricing

Solution: easy last-minute ‘downgrading’

The Aviato app helps travellers exchange flexible tickets with last-minute fixed tickets for significant savings.

UX journey

  1. Passenger books a full-priced, flexible ticket for a flight (e.g. 4 weeks in advance via Qantas.com or corporate travel agent)

  2. Several hours before the flight, Aviato notifies the passenger of an option to exchange tickets for a fixed fare, locking in signficant savings

    Qantas flexible pricing

  3. The passenger is issued a new ticket, provided a reward worth 10% of the savings, and airline credit is provided for a future flight as the original booking in cancelled


In development as of June 2023