Sir Wiseacre

Objective: help sales managers of freemium SaaS products by adding job titles to Mixpanel data

Two iterations of this product were launched:

  1. A direct integration with Mixpanel to add job title data to user profiles
  2. An API for developers to source job title data



No sales through RapidAPI, no demand for Mixpanel integrations Time spend developing: 19 hours


  • Enrichment APIs are expensive (start at 20c/profile)

Technology tested

  • API platform and monetisaion: RapidAPI
  • Usage billing: Stripe

Lean canvas


  • Managers of freemium products need to convert free users to paid plans
  • When targeting a team of users, a manager needs to know who is the right person to contact
  • Manually searching for job titles is tedious


  • Simple web app that requires a Mixpanel API
  • We use Clearbit to add LinkedIn profile data to Mixpanel

Key metrics

  • Number of profiles search
  • Number of users

Unique value proposition

  • No-code solution to add job titles to Mixpanel

Unfair advantage

  • Simplicity
  • Transparent pricing


  • Antler cohort
  • Organic search

Customer segment

  • Product and sales managers of freemium business SaaS tools
  • Non-technical managers

Cost structure

  • Contact enrichment costs: between 1c and 50c per contact
  • Tech costs: domain, serverless functions. <$500/year until profitable
  • Payment processing fees: 5%

Revenue streams

  • Usage billing: $1 per 100 profiles