A daily email digest to help professionals prepare for meetings.





Some people loved Rupert2000, especially that relevant information was delivered directly to an email inbox instead of an app or website. However, very few cared enough to pay.


If you are not directly helping people make/save money, it’s very hard to charge money.

Technology tested

  • A jungle of APIs: Google Calendar, email, search
  • Serverless: SQS, Lambda
  • Front-end: Vue, DaisyUI

Lean canvas


  • People want to know who they are meeting so they can prepare appropriately


  • Daily emails with meeting summaries
  • Sign-up and configure on a simple webpage

Key metrics

  • Acquisition funnel (click, create account, connect calendar, billing details, pay)
  • Number of users
  • Retention

Unique value proposition

  • One-liner profiles delivered to your email

Unfair advantage

  • Have own cheap service for contact enrichment
  • Simple


  • Paid marketing

Customer segment

  • Outward-facing professionals, e.g. sales, consultants, investors
  • Busy people that live by their inbox

Cost structure

  • Marketing: $0.50 per click, 5% conversion ($10 CAC)
  • Contact data: $0.02 per contact, approx $1/month per customer ($12 annually)
  • Tech costs: domain, serverless functions. <$500/year until profitable
  • Payment processing fees: 5%

Revenue streams

  • Monthly subscription: $3.5 per month ($35 per year, 1:1.6 CAC/LTV)