Speed build template


I need a quick way to setup businesses, particularly software-as-a-service (SaaS).

My last speed build took 57 hours to build. A lot of that are stock-standard components that should be reusable (e.g. 11 hours spent on authentication, 4 hours spent on payment integration).

I have tried a few frameworks (Firebase, Amplify), but they eventually let me down when I want to implement a feature they do not support. I am not a fan of many frameworks. They add a level of abstraction that:

  1. Require learning something new
  2. Impose restrictions, eventually
  3. Add complexity in maintenance

Instead, I like templates. So the aim here is to create a simple SaaS repository that I can clone anytime I start a new speed build.


A basic app that allows users to create an account and increment their counter. The counter will only be allowed to exceed 5 if the user pays a monthly subscription fee.

The app will have:

  • Multiple environments
    • Local development environment
    • Production environment
  • Web UI
    • Simple landing page
    • Basic app
  • Basic database
  • Authentication and authorisation
  • Payment
  • Version control
  • Testing


  • Real-time updates (e.g. websockets)



  • Backend
    • Compute
      • AWS: Lambda (written in Go v1.17)
      • AWS: API Gateway (v2/HTTP)
    • Database
      • AWS: DynamoDB
    • User identity
      • AWS: Cognito
    • Payments
      • Stripe (checkout)
    • Tooling
      • Serverless v2.57
  • Frontend
    • Landing page
      • Vanilla HTML/CSS/JS
    • App
      • Vue v3.2, Vue-router v4.0, Vuex v4.0
      • Tailwind v2.2, DaisyUI v1.16
    • Tooling
      • Vite v2.1
      • TypeScript v4.4
  • Tooling
    • GitHub


  1. Buy a domain, e.g. from Namecheap

  2. Create a free email account on Gmail

  3. Create a new AWS root account

  4. Create a new AWS IAM user

  5. Then create a profile in .aws/credentials

  6. Update .env to include profile name

  7. Setup a Hosted Zone in AWS’ Route53

  8. Set domain’s nameservers to AWS on Namecheap

  9. (Optional) Set up a mail server with Zoho

  10. Create an S3 bucket and configure as a website (see script)

  11. Create a Stripe account and a subscription product

  12. Jump through hoops to deploy:

    1. Deploy to production
    make deploy STAGE=${STAGE}
    1. Create a Stripe webhook with customer.subscription.created and customer.subscription.deleted events sent to the appropriate API address (e.g. https://{api-id}.execute-api.{region}.amazonaws.com/subscription/webhook)
    2. Update .env.production with the output from the previous command and the Signing secret from the Stripe webhook (e.g. whsec_abc123)
    3. Reploy backend to production, build frontend, and then deploy frontend to bucket created above
    make deploy STAGE=production
    make buildfront
    make deployfront AWS_PROFILE={profile} BUCKETNAME={bucketname}

    The site should be available at http://{bucketname}.s3-website.{region}.amazonaws.com

  13. Create a cloudfront distribution to direct requests to the domain to the S3 bucket