Two Big Buttons

Settle playful arguments by creating quick 2-option public polls



Choose wisely


Development halted after discovering that AdSense could not be served on a webpage with such little content.


Outside of content publishing, monetising a product with ads is incredibly difficult. There is probably a niche ad network that could solve this use case, but we did not find it after a cursory search.

Technology tested

  • Server: PostgreSQL and Go on a Lindode Linux instance
  • Front-end: Vanilla JS

Lean canvas


  • Ads and sponsored content are boring


  • A web app that asks users to choose between two options

Key metrics

  • Number of options
  • Number of unique users
  • Number of questions answered by each user

Unique value proposition

  • Fun, engaging content

Unfair advantage

  • Absolutely none


  • 'Virality': need to find a way for people to create and share questions with friends

Customer segment

  • B2C advertisers that want to interact and learn from customers

Cost structure

  • Tech costs: $20/month
  • Advertising: $100/month

Revenue streams

  • Ads: start with Adsense CPC/CPM, later evolve to custom ad solutions