Digital strategy

HodgoLabs helps clients make clear, precise decisions in the digital age.

Strategy is about making hard choices. “Providing exceptional service through digital channels” is not a hard choice. You would rarely argue against that. “Launch a new brand for digital natives with zero-touch service” is a hard choice. There could be valid arguments to keeping a single brand or offering high-touch personalised service. Good leaders can make these tough decisions.

In the digital world, decisions need to be made on:

  • Target customer segments
  • Problems to be solved (and if technology is part of the right answer)
  • Solution technology
  • Sales and service channels


  • Strategy development: We work with you to create a comprehensive digital strategy that aligns with your business goals and objectives.

  • Business plan preparation: We help you develop a solid business plan that includes market trends, customer needs, and financial projections.

  • Strategic analysis: We conduct in-depth analysis of your market and combine it with our expertise in digital technology to provide new, relevant insights.

  • Reports and presentations: We provide clear and concise reports and presentations that excite your stakeholders and are actionable.


HodgoLabs works with start-ups and enterprise clients that are want to launch and/or expand their digital products and services.

HodgoLabs has experience in a variety of industries, including:

  • Financial services (retail banking, wealth management, insurance)
  • Telecommunications (mobile and fixed-line)
  • Mining (metals)
  • Technology and media (SaaS, news)
  • Retail
  • Heavy industry (steel, manufacturing)