Some startups do not need full-time technology leaders on their team. A part-time CTO (chief technology officer) can help you build and maintain a suitable tech stack in your initial stages of growth.

What is a CTO-as-a-Service?

A CTO-as-a-Service provides businesses with access to a CTO on a part-time or project basis. Businesses can engage a CTO-as-a-Service provider to help them develop and execute technology strategies, oversee technology projects, and/or manage their IT teams.

HodgoLabs focuses on early startups that need help developing early iterations of their product and building a solid team.


  • Access to expertise: Start-up founders do need to have some technical knowledge. But what matters to your business? HodgoLabs helps you understand how you can chain your LLM calls or spin up a MongoDB or PostgreSQL database - but in simple, plain English.
  • Flexibility: Start-ups have many priorities - customer interviews, marketing, hiring, etc. CTO-as-a-Service can be scaled up or down to meet your tech needs.
  • No up-selling or hidden costs: You could develop a product by engaging an agency. After your first product is launched, inevitably there will be changes and improvements to make. These change orders are often drain your finances, time, and energy.


HodgoLabs has experience and expertise in:

  • MVP development
  • Technical team building and culture
  • Hiring
  • Financial projections
  • Technology strategy and roadmaps